Monday, May 4, 2009

Some real quick random things... (a.k.a. bullets of course)

Some real quick random recent things...

* This morning the subway wasn't running at my stop, so I had to take a bus part of the way, and then catch my train a few stops down. The reason? Apparently my station was on fire. I walked the ramp to see it filled with firefighters and smelling of burning industrial nastiness. I could barely breathe waiting for the elevator up to where the buses were, so that was an interesting start to the day. It actually still smelled faintly of burning rust and garbage when I got home, which is spectacular, right?

* When I did eventually get off the train by the office, some old guy was dressed like a beatnik and singing on the street corner. The catch? He was singing "Like a Prayer" by Madonna, just rocking out with no music or instruments. It was... odd... to say the least.

* The other day, I was passing by Madison Square Garden and I noticed a few more hippies than usual and I thought to myself "hmmm, I wonder if there's like a Grateful Dead concert or something..." Sure enough, when I turned the corner toward the main entrance, I was confronted by first a tremendously powerful whiff of BO followed immediately by the sight of hundreds (if not thousands) of hippies all massing in front of the arena. There was indeed a Grateful Dead concert.

* Sooo, in one of the odder things my mother has said (and that's saying something)... my mom
called me the other day to let me know that she was going to host what she is dubbing an "eHarmony party" for me. Jiggawha?

Apparently, that means she is going to invite over friends and family of mine who still live in Florida and they are going to pool their knowledge about me to create a profile for me to put on eHarmony. I explained to her how eHarmony bases matches on an in depth profile created through answering like hundreds of personal questions about values, experiences and goals... she basically casually said that shouldn't be problem.

She promised they wouldn't start drinking heavily until the questionnaire was over. Well, that's somewhat comforting, I suppose.

Well, never dull moment, right?