Monday, November 17, 2008

'That rug really tied the room together'

So I went to New York's Big Lebowski Fest 2008 this weekend.

(NSFW I guess...)

I was surprised to see how many people actually dress up as different characters, and even different props from the movie. It was pretty neat. It was kind of like Rocky Horror except with less of focus on cross dressing and more of a focus on White Russians (which I can totally get behind)... and pot too, there were a lot of pot heads, which is kind of to be expected at a "Big Lebowski Fest" I suppose, right?

The night consisted of Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival and Tragedy (an all metal Bee Gees cover band that was pretty awesome) followed by The Big Lebowski on a big movie screen... oh yeah, and it also consisted of many, many White Russians (of course). By the time CCRR was done, I was ordering them two at a time.

The bar was packed, and they were mixing giant pitchers of vodka and Kahlua and using them to make White Russians en masse, it was a beautiful thing. They made good, strong ones too.

As for the bands, CCRR was alright, but Tragedy was pretty awesome. I'll probably actually try to see them again sometime.

"Stayin' Alive"

"How deep is your love"

"You should be dancing"

I don't have any Tragedy on my iPod, but I did get a couple Bee Gees tunes before the show to refresh my Bee Gees memory and now I've been adding a little hop and a bounce in my step to the original "Tragedy" as I wander the city. Tony Manero's got nothing on my fancy feet. As Walter would say, he's a "fuckin' amateur." Word.

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