Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mayor... Weiner?

One of the front-runners for New York City's mayoral race is Rep. Anthony Weiner, and since I have the sense of humor of a child, I think that's hilarious.

Despite, in theory, having a job to do in the House of Representatives, he's been actively gunning for the office since at least before I got here... out campaigning like crazy. At first it was for himself and Hillary Clinton, but once she dropped out, he focused solely on the mayorship.

I've been chuckling to myself every time I see a story about him campaigning in one of the papers.

I can only imagine the fun the New York Post would have if he was mayor.

After all, they brought us such masterpiece headlines as "Ho-Broken!" (about a rich New Jersey guy cheating on his wife with the hooker that brought down
Gov. Spitzer) and "Peking Yuck" (about the poor air quality at the Olympics).

Heck, the Post calls Mayor Bloomberg "Bloomie" in a lot of their headlines, I wonder if they would they call Weiner "Weenie"...? I know, I'm a third-grader at heart.

Plus, as a bonus, if you want to keep up to date on his doings you can sign up for the "Weiner Report." Seriously? For all I know, that sight might be blocked at work.

He campaigns in a "mobile office" that he calls the "Weinermobile." (I didn't make that up.) In reality, it's an SUV with a sticker/magnet on the side that he calls a mobile office so he can get away with illegally parking where ever he wants... but whatever I guess.

If he campaigned in a real weinermobile, I would totally vote for him... well, not really, but I would joke about it at least.

I guess it could be worse for him...

"The people of America have spoken, and they're saying they want four more years of Douchebag!"

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Michelle H. said...

Your favorite lady in office is battling it out for re-election down here. She nearly lost Tuesday - they're having a run off in October.