Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Looking for an alpaca to hook up with on the A train? I've got the site for you.

So I stumbled onto a new fun blog to follow, SUBWAYBlogger.com, which has all kinds of fun subway-specific news and such.

There's all kinds of fun stories to read about, like the possibility of standing-room only cars being used during rush hour or fun new increases in fines for various misdemeanors you can commit in the stations. Fascinating stuff, right?

My favorite post though as I was perusing the archives was about a site called New York Subway Crush

It's basically like missed connections on Craigslist, except just for the subway and organized it's organized by line... there aren't too many posts, but I went to my train, the A train, and went to see who all has been leaving their adorations on the Internet for me.

Shockingly, there was nobody... yet, but I'm going to stay optimistic.

I kid, of course, but I did go to look at the A train and there were some goofy ones, but this one totally cracked me up:

You're head looks like an alpaca

"This is not a crush per-se but I do see you every day on the A train and your head literally looks like an alpaca. It's huge, with a long neck and a just-got-punched mouth. I'm not usually one to point out when people look ugly, but god damn what is up with your face?!?!"

The poster also provided a visual and included this picture, which totally tickled my funnybone when I scrolled down and saw it...

I love how they made sure to find an alpaca picture with that classic "just-got-punched mouth."

As a bonus, someone wrote a reply post:

I think I'm in love

"I've been so self conscious all my life because when I was younger the kids used to call me alpacadome and to make things worst I recently got bitch slapped in my mouth for eating the last hard boiled egg. Then I saw you and realized we were a match made in heaven. I've been wanting to come up to you and say hi, but I sound like sylvester stallone when I talk because my mouth got jacked. Won't you be my man-pie?"

It was complete with it's own competing ridiculous looking alpaca...

In a similar vein, it seems some renegade goats outsmarted some of the city's top security measures and went to the base of the Verrezano Bridge. That's the bridge that connects Staten Island to Brooklyn, there is no bridge to Manhattan, so it essentially connects Staten Island to the rest of NYC. That fills me with confidence like nobody's business.

So it's all about the alpacas and goats today. Mmmm goats and alpacas...

Oh yeah, how about I'll end with a random Overheard in New York from the A train:

Little guy to big guy wearing fur hat: You know, wearing fur is murder.
Big guy wearing fur hat: So is me pushing you off the train.

--A Train

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Jenny said...

LOL! I had a great laugh today because of this blog post. Did you happen to see THIS subway crush??

Ass so big you can see it from the back
Saturday April 19, 2008 at 12:20 pm

gurl you were killin the entire train saturday mornin .. u had the big booty your momma gave you, tiny titties (but i don't care about dat) and braces ... i know them teeth are going to look real nce when them braces get taken off lol

you were comin from the hood im sure but thats cool because i jsut got out of there. got me a job and i can take your ass out hit ur boy up!!!

u were wearing that daffy duck shirt and i had on my new coogi top with the matchin jordans

1 luv