Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well, it's actually starting to get pretty darn cold...

So... it was pretty freaking cold today, like out of nowhere. I'm talking the 30's, with a wind chill bringing it to the 20's.

It really does seem to have come out of nowhere too, which is crazy. It's been a little chilly for a while, but as recently as this weekend I flirted with the idea of not wearing a jacket Saturday night... but this morning was like freezing, literally. We actually had a little bit of a snow flurry.

Plus, as a bonus, downtown where I work is pretty close to the water so it is crazy windy. I actually finally have to find my gloves, wherever they're stuffed. I may even have to purchase a scarf, especially since presumably it's only getting colder. I mean, it's only November, right?

This should definitely be an interesting winter. At some point, I will make a fugly looking snowman in Central Park and I will post sad, sad pictures of it here and make the world a worse place in the process.

At least the heaters in my apartment are relatively entertaining. I think they were probably installed before the Carter administration and they sometimes randomly make some of the weirdest sounds. I'm talking hissing, popping, purring, the occasional clunking noises, etc... It's like I have Michael Winslow from Police Academy with me in my bedroom, keeping me warm at night - except not nearly as creepy. And that's Michael Winslow the cop, not Carl Winslow the cop... which would be at least equally creepy, if not way more creepy. P.S. On that, fuck Urkel.

Oh yeah, and I took my first ride on a normal city bus route the other day (I don't count the free shuttle buses that fill in for gaps in subway service or ones to the airport). I always stick to the subways, but I needed to cross Central Park and a crosstown bus happened to stop near where I was walking so I let it drive me across the park. Oddly enough, they didn't dig any subway routes under the park... but they do have lots of roads where buses pass through.

It was a crosstown M96 bus and I learned after I rode it that I had the distinct honor of getting a ride on the Pokey Express, as it was recently named the slowest bus in the city. No wonder I was able to hop on as I was walking west on 96th Street.

It wasn't anything exciting or terribly different than any other city's bus, but it does provide a good segue to a fun Overheard in New York quote I read today...

(cabbie cuts bus off, both cab and bus are stopped at traffic light. Bus driver opens his window)
Bus driver: I'm gonna hit one of you! You know, it's my goal to hit one of you people before I retire, it really is--you almost just made it happen! You people gotta learn someday! (turns to passenger) We're allowed one accident per year. I'm saving all of mine for that.

--M15 Bus to South Ferry

If his normal route is to the South Ferry Terminal (where the Staten Island Ferry is), that means he gets to deal with Staten Islanders all day every day... so the anger issues aren't too terribly surprising.

So I've finally submitted to Overheard... they say that even if they do take submitted quotes, it usually takes several weeks before it shows up on the site, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Black Woman on Cell Phone: Excuse me! Obama's the President now and I don't have to call you "massa'" anymore, you understand!?!

My "overheard by" name for that particular submission was something to the effect of "Sounds like someone should have been job hunting a while ago..."

P.S. Just for fun, here's a song I've grown to love that they play at my bar by Union Square.

Turn it up and enjoy the brilliant lyrics! (unless you're at work... that might end poorly, seriously...)

Personally, my favorite two "comparison" verses come at 2:05.


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the youtube link is down...

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Word, thanks... I fixed it...

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p.s. we've got dicks like Jesus