Sunday, June 29, 2008

"So much is going on this week that your head will spin"

So, according to the New York Daily News, my horoscope says "So much is going on this week that your head will spin."

That's a good sign. I was worried things might slow down and I'd be able to relax a bit. Thank goodness the stars say I was wrong on that one.

I know I'll need to finalize my apartment lease, barring anything getting messed up (which just wouldn't surprise me at this point). I'll also need to get "moved in" to that apartment by the end of Tuesday, including getting my car from New Jersey over to Washington Heights and unloading it in time to start heading down to Florida first thing Wednesday morning...

At least the end of the week will be the beginning of a family reunion cruise, so that should be relaxing and fun, right?


Saturday started out pretty slow, mostly because I've actually been kind of sick... which probably isn't helped by the constant drinking, but what do I know, I'm not a doctor or anything.

So I found another Hell's Kitchen bar that was pretty fun. They don't have a kitchen, but instead they offer takeout/delivery menus and let folks bring whatever they want in. It can end up being a lot cheaper than most of the other bars nearby. The guys next to me all ordered a whole pizza delivered.

The bar got bonus points because they had a USF pennant on the wall... though when I asked about it, the bartender told me they just have every school's banner... it wasn't a terribly large bar, and I doubt even the NCAA headquarters has every school's banner, you know?

So I get a call from Lisa, he and his girlfriend have come to the city to see a ballet and want to do dinner. I of course have been slumming it in a dive bar watching baseball and wearing some random free I gave blood T-shirt. (I'm pretty much out of laundry)

They're tons of fun, so I wander on over to meet them for some grub.

So we go to the Scotch place for dinner, the two of them were dressed up for the ballet and me looking dingy in my white T-shirt. I'm sure I looked like a crackhead or something, but that's the beauty of New York City. Plenty of people look absolutely ridiculous all the time, so I didn't feel too bad about it.

Sidenote: that reminds me, I bumped in the Naked Cowgirl (Grandma version) in Times Square today. It was kind of horrifying. I heard multiple people waiting for the crosswalk signal mutter the words "scarred for life." They took the words right out of my mouth.

Then we went to my favorite Hell's Kitchen bar and had a couple of drinks and met and old friend of Lisa's girlfriend who lives in Queens. She was really cool (not single, as I'm sure I'll get asked) and we went to a bar in Brooklyn.

We went to Park Slope, which is supposed to be one of the most happening parts of the city. I didn't get that sense, but what do I know... it seems Brooklyn is apparently cool because it's Brooklyn... we'll see how my next foray into that borough turns out.

Long story short, getting to and from this bar was a pretty big pain... so maybe it's best I didn't end up getting a place in Brooklyn. Also, the waitress was pretty angry. We did have a long chat about the all too common and oft ignored STD, gonnhasyphyherpeles.

It's out there, and it's dangerous.

I wonder if the people I saw on the subway this morning spreading the word of safe sex are familiar with gonnhasyphyherpeles. They were wearing T-shirts with condoms stapled all over them.

There really is always something interesting to see here in this city.

Studies like this are probably why there are folks wandering the streets covered in condoms. It gives me a special warm fuzzy feeling to know that one in four people in my new hometown have herpes. Awesome.

So today, I just had some more NyQuil (I've almost finished half the bottle
I bought Friday) and took it easy. I figured some fresh air might do me some good, so I went to Central Park and read the Sunday paper. The park is pretty massive, and the corner I was in was beautiful and relaxing.

I'll definitely have to go jogging there in the future.

Against my better judgment, I've been watching Law and Order all day on USA. That combined with the ultra-sensationalized coverage of crime in the New York Post and New York Daily News and it's a wonder I'm not too scared to walk the streets.

Now I guess I'll have some more NyQuil and hit the hay.


Jen said...

Dude, hope you get to feeling better. You gotta stay well rested so you can party it up (not that it's ever stopped us before!).

Anonymous said...

Dude, I didn't know that you're taking Quil again. I thought you quit that poison...12 steps, Chris! Acknowledge that the Quil controls your life!