Monday, June 23, 2008

"We don't have 2 take our clothes off 2 have a good time."

It's true. Jermaine Stewart is not a man you want to argue with.

I really can't remember the last time I heard the whole Jermaine Stewart classic ode to platonic love, but sure enough it came on in the Hell's Kitchen bar I watched the Red Sox game at. I think the bar was close enough to Times Square that there were enough tourists that I didn't get shot for rooting for the Sox (we lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks - 2-1).

You have to admit, it's a fun eighties ditty. Also, hopefully this post will offer some sort of explanation to the people I randomly texted when this song came on. I think I may have even texted some of the gals that I got numbers from in Chinatown in D.C., oh well... everyone can appreciate a good Jermaine Stewart reference, right? It is just a really fun song. Listen to it twice, and tell me you're not singing along with the chorus the second time you hear it. Word.

Sidenote about the Hell's Kitchen bar. These kids came in, and the leader pulled up to the bar and told the bartender in a serious tone "Give me the usual."

The bartender then proceeded to card him, he gave her his driver's license with a 1992 birth year and she laughed just about to the point of crying. They didn't stay too much longer. It was a pretty goofy scene, where everybody at the bar had a good laugh.

So... anyway... along with my adventures with Jermaine Stewart in Hell's Kitchen (how often do you hear that?... I love New York City.) I also had my first day of work.

I found the place alright in the morning, since I had done a couple dry runs. I did get a bit mixed up around the street "People with A.I.D.S. Plaza," literally... but I got situated soon after that. Near City Hall especially, parts of streets in New York have some strange and really specific names...

My boss called in sick, so I didn't have too much direction once I got into the office, but that was good because it let me do more apartment hunting stuff.

The people in the office were really nice, but weren't too talkative... we'll see if that can be cured.

So, I met this nice girl briefly on the elevator in the morning and we chatted a bit. She seemed really nice. The next time I bumped into her was in my brief tour of the other offices, and apparently she works in the EEO office... so... I'm kind of torn. Would it be kind of a moron move for the new guy to start hitting on someone in the EEO office? Maybe I'll see how to do one of those polls like "worldlyjen" did on her blog... we'll see...

She's not on my floor of the building, so I probably won't run into her again too soon... but if I do, we'll see what happens... I asked her about lunch in Chinatown and she recommended a restaurant called "Big Wong." It was actually pretty good.

Well... one day down.... we'll see how day two goes...


Anonymous said...

It has to be a good sign that you liked her big wong. Right? Right?!

William said...

I agree with the anonymous poster on this one. Such obvious alignment of the stars should not be ignored.

Stephanie Rush said...

yeah, gotta admit, even if "big wong's" had the best chinese food, i would never direct some guy i had just met to check it out unless i was okay with inappropriate phallus references in the first meeting.