Thursday, September 11, 2008

Me + Fashion = Jiggawha?

So... I'm going to try to keep this quick since I have to work in the morning (so please forgive any random typoes...)

So I had mentioned that a friend of mine was working Fashion Week... and today I figured I would wander by and check out the scene and maybe have a few drinks nearby with my friend if she was free.

She totally had other plans in mind for me...

Instead, she got me into the main Fashion Week tent and let me roam free while she went to see the Christian Siriano show (the weird little "fierce" guy from "Project Runway"). She told me as long as I looked like I thought I belonged there, it didn't matter that I had no badge and she was right. I wandered around there for a good couple of hours and nobody ever said anything.

So the tent is basically a bunch of booths promoting weird new items, with a couple open bars mixed throughout (which was golden!).

They had wine gals wandering around...

And they had a one main open bar...

I mostly alternated between a delicious red wine from the wine girls and Peronis from the main open bar (since it was Fashion Week I figured I would indulge in the free Italian import beer).

I had been hanging out with a couple of photographers for a while, but they decided to go outside to the back entrance and see if they could catch any stars... (P.S. they got very offended when some French photographers referred to them as "paparazzi")

So after about four glasses of wine and four Peronis, I wandered into the T-Mobile/BlackBerry booth (which of course had its own free bar deep inside in the back). I have a couple free "T-Mobile Sunsets" (which is basically a Madras) and chill there until my friend comes back from the fierce guy's show.

At that point I'm talking to this cute stylist. My friend comes and continues talking to her about fashion-related things and they hit it off. Next thing I know, we're in a New York Fashion Week runway show! Word?

So I got to see Aurelio Costarella's show... which was really neat... since I had never seen a fashion show live before in my life.

Most of the shots of the runway models didn't turn out too well, but this is one of the better ones.

Here's my friend snapping some of her own shots at the show we went to.

Good thing they're pros, or I might be worried that they'll run into each other.

As for celebrities?

I could have sworn one guy I saw was T-Weed from "I Love New York," but the photogs swore up and down he wasn't.

Also, I'm fairly certain Alexis Arquette was in the front row of the fashion show we saw.

I know, I'm busting out the big dogs, right?

While there weren't many big name celebrities inside the tent, I assure you there were plenty of beautiful models wandering around... which was definitely a plus.

Oh yeah also... I almost forgot to mention the booth set up by the Italian Trade Commission highlighting Italian shoes. It reminded of a certainly "worldly" travel with a shoe collection that could make most men tremble :)

On the way out, there were a bunch of fur protesters handing out "in-fur-mation" pamphlets. After mixing and matching several beers, glasses of wine and vodka drinks (I knocked out all three major food groups in one night!) on an empty stomach I wasn't actually kidding when I asked them what the heck "in-fur-mation" was. I was actually confused and figured they needed a new copy editor. I got it later... but long after I had already opened my mouth and asked the question... oh well.

Overall, that trip to Fashion Week went a lot better than my one earlier in the week, which ended with a police officer telling me to scram. I had wandered/stumbled to Bryant Park from a bar late Monday night and all the tents and stuff were all closed up so I was exploring around outside... until a police officer told me the park was closed and to get the heck out of there, so I did.

On that note though... it is way past my bed time.

P.S. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love this city yet? Word.



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