Saturday, July 19, 2008

My stuff came this morning!

The movers brought my stuff this morning, so I've spent the whole day unpacking and trying to get the apartment all set up and organized. Working on that all day (combined with no A/C) has got me pretty tired.

I was hoping to have everything all laid out and the place looking like a furnished apartment before I went to bed tonight (instead of the warzone it looks like now)... but that's totally not happening.

I'm too excited about going to bed (keyword being bed) so I shan't be postponing that too much... I can't say I'll miss the awesome setup I've been rocking for the past week...

That floor is at least as hard as it looks... but it's all good because now I've got a bed... I also have a shower curtain and a bathmat too! It really is the little things sometimes.

Everything came without much trouble. A couple of random Wal-Mart glasses broke... but I was probably going to get rid of them and their matches anyway. A person only needs so many sets of (non-bar related) glasses anyway.

Speaking of which, the bar made it all in one piece... now I just have to figure out where to put it all...

You know what I just though of looking at the picture? It looks kind of like an alcoholics version of the Sgt. Pepper's album cover. How about I give a prize to whoever can correctly name the most bottles in the picture?

I've also managed to get the ubercade-lite set up for the most part. This incarnation features the NES, SNES and Xbox. The Atari is also there... but I haven't tricked it into working... yet. So I'm not fully counting it yet.

I also still need to hook the speakers up... I'm stalling on that since they have to use copper speaker wire (I hate messing with speaker wire with a passion).

On the bright side, I guess that's a good thing since I'm hooking them into my circa '75 stereo receiver (it was my dad's in college). Gotta love the hand-me-downs. If it ain't broke... right?

I at least finished opening all the boxes, many of which haven't been opened in eight months. There were plenty of surprises, like the all-too-common thought of "I thought I threw that P.O.S away... I guess I moved it across the country instead. Go figure."

I thought that several times as I dug through boxes.

Not remembering what was in what boxes made it kind of exciting though, like unwrapping presents from me to me. It was totally Christmas in July.

Tomorrow is all clean up, finding places for stuff and "decorating."

Well, it's time to sleep -- on a bed!

As for showing off the apartment... no matter its state, I will definitely show off the new apartment tomorrow night on the blog before I hit the hay.

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Stephanie Rush said...

whoa to all that liquor, whoa.