Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I think I'm going to throw an apartmentwarming party next weekend

Nothing too exciting today... but I did decide that I'm going to throw an apartmentwarming party/open house next Saturday.

That totally means I'll technically beat my brother and his wife who moved into their house in January and haven't had one yet. Ha!

I figure I'll extend invitations to the various people I already happen to know in the city, my coworkers and all the people in my building and see what happens.

This way I have a sort of artificial deadline to finish setting up my apartment... and since I find myself being lazier and lazier when I get home every day, I think I really need the deadline.

The apartment is slowly but surely coming together though... I've got the kitchen in usable order now, which is exciting. There are still lots of things to finish before it's "ready to show" though.

Who knows... maybe I'll have curtains on most of the windows by then. So far, I've just done the kitchen. And maybe I'll have an A/C unit by then... if people actually do show up it could get pretty hot in here... but that's only if people stop by of course.

Oh yeah, this was kind of neat... I guess I didn't look completely clueless on the subway on the way home today, which is pretty cool. Throughout the ride a couple of people asked me if I knew what stop the train was at... which is pretty normal... but then a couple asked me how to get to Yankee Stadium from the A line (much to their surprise, it is not on the A line).

Now that I think of it... I hope they didn't think I was a Yankees fan... ewww. Either way, I behaved and didn't make any "vag-ankees" comments (I'm pretty sure they were tourists).

The best part... I actually knew the answer! I even checked the directions I gave them when I got home and they were right. I even knew the name of the train they needed to transfer to and which station they had to transfer at (lucky for them, it was the station we had just passed).

I wonder how pissed would they have been if I sent them to Shea Stadium? The Mets are actually playing there tonight, so that would have made it even more interesting... but that would of course be so wrong of me... and I like to think I'm not a bad person. At least that's what I tell myself.

Someday I'll actually know my way around this damn city and won't get lost every day.

I'm making steady progress. Heck, I didn't make a single wrong turn going from the subway to K-Mart and back today (about two blocks each way... but a victory is a victory). Those of you who know how awful my sense of direction is know that really is kind of a big deal for me.

I'm the guy who still needs directions home from the drunks when he's the DD.

Also, I added a little thing on the right of the page that should show the current front page of the New York Post (if it works right, which is questionable). Their front pages are usually pretty entertaining. They can be hit or miss though... but there are definitely some hilarious ones.

Anywho... back to working on the apartment!

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